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Want to submit your article to Grafix Artist? I’ve put together a checklist that can help you.

Grafix Artist is a blog for Mobile App UI, UX design and Android Development. The blog is run by Suleiman Ali Shakir, a passionate designer and developer.

What to know before you start

All articles on Grafix Artist are well-researched including generous images and code snippets (if relevant). Additionally, it mentions proof from around the web to backup claims.

Majority of the blog readers are Android developers and designers. They expect in-depth tutorials that will solve their design or development problems. Your topic might be complex, but it still should be easy enough for anyone to read and understand.

Before you start writing, please go through the blog first. Get to know what articles are already written. Then, read a few to get a feel of the writing style and tone.

Type of posts to submit

Anything related to Android design and development, Material Design, mobile UI and UX.

Word Limit: At least 800 words

What NOT to submit

  • Articles originally published elsewhere (reposting)
  • Spun content
  • Rewriting a post you or someone else has already written and published


Once you’re first draft is ready, be sure to go through this.

  1. Follow heading hierarchy (H1 to H6)
  2. Add enough visual relief in the form of images and line breaks
  3. Images should:
    • be named properly
    • be compressed (I use Tinypng)
    • have a maximum height of 500px
  4. Give credit when using text or images from external sources
  5. Include neatly formatted code or link to GitHub gists
  6. If you have a sample app, link to the full source code (say GitHub repository) at end of post
  7. Run your content through Hemingway and Grammarly

Finally, submit your article

For writers without access to the blog, you can submit your posts in 2 formats:

  • Microsoft Word file
  • Google Doc link

Don’t forget to include all your images in a .zip file. If you’re article is ready, email it to

Along with your article, make sure you include:

  1. a photo where you look best
  2. a short bio about yourself
  3. links to any other articles you’ve written

Submit My Article

After you submit, I’ll review your article and get back to you ASAP.

Now that I’ve told you everything that’s needed for a great post, let your words do the talking.

Good luck!