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52 Responses

  1. Cristian Dregan says:

    Is there a way to get larger than 50×50 image?

  2. Andrew Kurth says:

    hi, i dont understand where musername, memail, and mpermissions come from. I followed every step, but am getting errors. Please reply asap. What i am confused about is the fact that you do not define them anywhere before in your code.

  3. AndroidMan says:

    How can I change all of my layout after the login?

  4. AndroidMan says:

    Hi, first thanks for this tutorial. I’ve some questions:
    1. How can I redirect the user after login. I try put

    if(ParseUser.getCurrentUser() != null) {
    Intent intent = new Intent(getApplicationContext(), IndexActivity.class);

    in onCreate method, but doesn’t work good.

  5. Dominique Canlas says:

    Has anyone found a solution with regards to FB not returning all user details when requested? I verified my access token and that I have proper permissions. I am getting the name and fbId returned but not the email. Is it possible that it has something to do with app still in development mode or not released in the marketplace yet? Thanks for any response.

    • Dominique Canlas says:

      Update: Finally figured this out after hours of searching around in the FB docs. By default, the “/me” route only returns name and id. In order to get the email (or other fields), you have to explicitly request for it. You can just do:

      Bundle parameters = new Bundle();
      parameters.putString("fields", "email,name");

      Just include “parameters” in the GraphRequest arguments.
      Hope this helps anyone who is encountering the same problem!

    • Suleiman19 says:

      Hey Dominique,
      Thats awesome! Good to see you got it solved. In the earlier versions, using the “/me” path fetched the email as well, but the new SDK requires you to pass that as a parameter.
      Thanks for helping out. Hopefully I’ll be updating the post today.